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Being a rather delicate problem, erectile dysfunction is not something you can talk about really openly. This principle is what shapes each and every Viagra commercial that makes it on the Internet or even online. You can’t quite show a big bulging boner on TV screen and tell people ‘this is what you get if you go for Viagra’. That’s why all the blue pill commercials out there use all imaginable kinds of metaphors ranging from very vague to downright nasty.

There’s a series of very inspiring videos that you might have seen when navigating between channels – the one that talks about ‘the age of knowing how to get things done, knowing what you’re made of’ and so and so on. That’s a perfect example of what Viagra commercials should look like when they make it to the silver screen – not too suggesting, not trying to make fun of the unbending hard-on you will get after you pop one of them blue pills… But does it appeal to really wide audiences? It tries to stress that growing old is perfectly normal and even good for you but it also makes you a tad bit sad.

On the other hand, you’ve got those funny Viagra commercials that make you laugh your butt off when you see them. Remember that video of a fairly senile man pleasuring his young wife with some exotic dancing? Sexy moves give way to breakdancing and… POW! You see the balding wrinkled guy doing the turtle without his hands or feet on the floor. But what is he spinning on? Ooooooh, yoooouuu!!!

Whatever famous Viagra commercial pops up in your head first when you are asked about it, you most definitely can remember at least one. And that illustrates one thing – Viagra is already a part of modern culture and worldview, something that you or anyone else would probably call #1 erectile dysfunction treatment. Indeed, that’s exactly what it is – and you don’t really need any commercials to prove it to you. Just try this ultimate virility enhancer once and you won’t go looking for other means of boosting your libido, we can guarantee that.


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Ted Kerl

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